I pride myself on the experiences my clients have with me.  I try to make everything as smooth and clear as possible.  I try to make lasting relationships with people, that includes my referral partners.  I think it would be better if you heard it from them though.


Jake works hard and often long hours, to find good loan products, not simply good rates, for my clients. Then he monitors and manages them closely all the way to closing, to smooth out the inevitable bumps in the road. He is amazingly available, and a good communicator. And, he provides my clients with an understanding of the loan process, and of how the mortgage industry is in a rapidly changing period. He has made it work for a number of my clients, and he has my unreserved recommendation!

-Scott Werner, Bridgetown Realty, www.Scottwernerrealtor.com

“I just told my wife that this has been the most pleasant time doing mortgage stuff ever!  I’m really glad that I asked you about all this, cause I can speak with confidence now when I tell everyone that they better use you guys for any type of mortgage loans!  You can be sure that anyone that I know, that is looking at buying a house, will be sent to you.”

-Jon Hansen


I’m in my new office, getting ready for Monday morning.  Basically, I’m having a blast and we’re very happy with our new place!

Thank you for working so hard on putting together the loan for our unusual piece of property.  As a business person who deals with all kinds of situations everyday,   it is key to have someone you can pass something off to and KNOW it will get done the best way possible.  In our real estate transaction you were without a doubt the person I trusted most.  You took something that everyone else was turning into a mess and made it baby butt smooth.

Thank you for taking loads of stress off of my family and business and helping us get a great home at a good rate.  Looking forward to meeting you in person soon”

-Scott Hay

“As a top-producing realtor, I work with numerous lenders every year.  I found Jake Planton to be extremely accessible, hard-working, conscientious, and caring.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for great customer service-as someone who will see you through the entire process from start to finish”

-Tina Schafer, PC  Broker, RE/MAX Signature Properties, www.TinaSchafer.com

Jake helped me purchase a condo.  He made it SO easy!  My past purchases were full of “we just need this one more thing” and then “just this one more thing” and then again “just this one more thing.”  Jake kept on top of the whole process and kept me in the loop the whole way.  It was a piece of cake due to his diligence and professionalism.  I’d work with Jake again in a heartbeat.

-Kathleen Gortner

“His delivery of prompt, attentive, competitive, and informed service is why I refer my real estate clients to Jake Planton for their home loans.”

-Johnny Hochgraefe, RE/MAX equity group, inc.

“Was recommended by reputable people and exceeded expectations. Performed well in a tough situation. I have no problems recommending and would personally work with him again.”

-Paul Marten

“I met Jacob almost a year ago through a network group he created for business professional. In these last 8 months Jacob has connected to me my most trusted and talented team of professionals who work with me on various projects. Not only is he top notch in what he does but he is intuitive and creative allowing for so many potential connections that have created abundance in my life. Working with him is a pleasure.”

-Michkael Baker, Owner, Blue Voice Media

Having just relocated back to Portland from overseas and started a consulting business and with recent changes in the mortgage industry, my mortgage was a challenge. When you throw in that the property I wanted to buy is in a mixed use development which causes a lot of difficulty for lenders, my loan was a difficult one. Two other lenders had assured me they had ‘no doubt’ that they could get me a suitable loan despite these issues and then, just days before my intended closing, not to mention the expected shipment of all my worldly possessions from overseas, failed to come through due to issues I’d brought up in our first meeting over a month earlier.

So when I got in touch with Jake, I was, to say the least, stressed. Unlike the other lenders, Jake admitted my loan might be challenging, but was happy to work with me anyway. This honesty was a huge relief – at any given point during the transaction, I knew what was going. Jake kept me up to date on how many lenders he had spoken with, when he expected to hear back from them, what they said when they did, any new information they required, and what that might mean. In addition, he provided all sorts of insight and information about the mortgage industry as a whole, including the latest changes and trends and how they were likely to impact me and my loan.

It was a tough loan. Lenders tended to be willing either to take the chance on my non-conformity, or on the non-conforming property, but not on both. But Jake, following trends, found a lender that was willing to cover both risks and got me a loan, which he then closed, so I could close on the condo, in a couple of days. I’m writing this while sitting in my spacious living room overlooking some very nice greenery amid the last few still packed boxes contemplating another trip off for a few bookcases. I would recommend working with Jake to any residential buyer – you couldn’t ask for a more effective lending professional!

-Mycroft Evans

Jake is one of the most professional and detailed loan officers I have worked with. His follow thru with his client and personal touch makes ALL his customers walk away feeling they have made the most solid and best decision concerning their finances and home. I would recommend and have recommended Jake to anyone who is looking to obtain a home loan.

-Georgina Perkins, Senior Escrow Officer, Stewart Title

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Jake Planton over the past few months. I find that he is one of the most genuine, sincere, hard-working, and caring individuals I’ve met. His dedication to his clients, charity work, and friends are inspiring. If you’re looking for someone who can help you with your lending needs and want to work with someone who has a sense of social consciousness then Jake is the person to call

-Mark Fenske, Country Insurance

Jake’s extraordinary market savvy and passion for his clients shines through every transaction. Jake knows that communication is the secret to successful working relationships, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a loan officer better able to guide you through the often complex world of home financing. As a client, Jake is forthright, helpful, and a joy to work with. Superlative on all fronts.

-Jeremy Wilkins, Owner, Tinderbox Creative

Jake is a go-getter and a motivator. He has fantastic communication and networking skills, and is a incredibly likeable guy!

Jeff Poling

Jake was extremely proficient at setting up mortgage financing. He was very responsive to my many requests to re-run the numbers to get me into the right loan at the right rate, for the right down payment at closing.

-Stephen G.

I want to let you know just how grateful we are for the services that Jake Planton provided in refinancing the mortgage on our home.  He was truly a pleasure to work with from the first phone call to the Closing meeting, acknowledging our request for a smaller, more regional financial institution.  Jake was ALWAYS professional, friendly and responsive.  He even let us know when he would be unavailable for a few hours due to other meetings, and in my 30+ years of home ownership and the loans they entail, I have NEVER had a mortgage broker attend the Closing itself!
We chose Jake for his local ownership and sustainable vision and am I so glad that we did.
-Jill Sughrue, owner www.sustain-nw.com
Jake was always available by phone, text, or e-mail during our home buying process and took the time to explain complicated documents–and math!–every step of the way. He walked us through different options and helped us land a great interest rate.
-Jennifer A.
Jake was incredible thorough and helpful. As first time home buyers, we were a little (a lot) overwhelmed by all of the stuff that goes into the home-buying process, and Jake made it very easy for us. We plan on working with him again when we buy our next house. Thanks Jake!
-Sam and Kim M.
We recently purchased a close-in NE Portland home, and with Jake the financing process was straight-forward and always transparent.  Jake was responsive to questions, often within minutes over email, and he was happy to explain every part of the process.  He was always personable and had a fantastic flair for humor.  We also appreciate how Jake proactively warned us of potential glitches with the specific lender we had chosen, a lender that might provide a superior interest rate but often requested superfluous information.  In the end we got the home and loan we wanted, easier and faster than expected.
-Chad and Libby S.

Jake far exceeded our expectations as first time home buyers.  We know he consistently went above and beyond to ensure we would get the best rates and that the process would be as smooth as possible.  He was always willing to answer all of our questions and to carefully explain the endless jargon of the lending world.  He embodies all the qualities of a professional: talking us through sticky situations, patient, honest, always available, flexible, and overall a pleasure to work with.  We would definitely recommend him to anyone and will definitely work with him again in the future.
-Kim and Brandon

Because I’m self-employed, the mortgage process was especially scary for me, with extra hurdles and hoops to jump over and through.  Jake walked me through the process and ensured every box was checked ahead of time and in advance, and was patient in explaining the full menu of options available to me as a borrower and the consequences of each option.  He really helped me select a loan product that was tailored to my particular needs and financial strategy, helping me to pick a loan product and deal structure that avoided closing costs and saved me about 100 BPs over what another broker might have pushed me into.

-Dan L.

Jake was great to work with..  He was very helpful and responsive and provided great advise.  As a first time home purchaser, I had no idea of the process, Jake worked closely with me and explained each step of the process.  He made it very easy to purchase a home.  I will definitely work with Jake again and refer him to everyone I know.  Thank you so much Jake!!

-Cheryl G.

Jake was fantastic! He was completely on the ball and worked really closely with my realtor to make sure that all of the paperwork was ready the minute it was needed. As a first time home buyer, he guided me through the process, answered all of my questions, and helped me make some decisions with no-nonsense advice. He was able to anticipate the additional paperwork the lenders would need so I was able to gather the documents quickly. Also, he watched the rates closely and timed the lock-in really well, so I got a great rate! Hopefully I won’t be in the real estate market again any time soon, but I if am, I will definitely give Jake a call, without hesitation. Thanks, Jake!
-Scott B.
My husband and I were referred to Jake from a friend and we were SO lucky we listened.  As first time homebuyers, we had tons of questions and Jake never once made us feel bad for asking.  He was very knowledgable and straightforward about the lending process and what we could expect.  He would respond to emails, phone calls, and texts almost immediately and always made us feel like we were his only clients.  We had heard a lot of horror stories about lenders and the lending process and Jake made it one of the easiest parts of our home buying experience.  We will refer him over and over again.  Thanks Jake!
-Gordon and Audra V.
Jake and his team made our refinance easy.  Excellent up-front information and cost estimates, and no surprises.   Great to work with local, responsive professionals!
-Alex and Abby P.
Thank you so much for being the best mortgage broker in the whole world.
Seriously, it means so much to me to do business with kind, intelligent people that work hard.  We will tell everyone we know about you!
-Christine and Mary
My wife and I recently bought a house and Jake was our mortgage broker.  We were very impressed with him!  He was very knowledgeable, professional, and gave top-notch customer service.

We had a relatively quick close on the house and Jake ensured that everything was in place so that we closed on time.  Jake even went above and beyond our expectations: there were times when we felt like the listing agent was slowing the process down but Jake appropriately and assertively stepped in to help keep things going.

We strongly recommend him!

-Mike and Mandy H.
Jake negotiated an amazing rate for my home loan!  The cost estimates were accurate and fair and Jake kept me informed and updated throughout the process.  I couldn’t have asked for more!!!
-Nicole T.

Just finished getting a mortgage through Jake, couldn’t have been happier.
– Jim L.
‘We were referred to Jacob Planton from Scott Werner at Bridgetown Realty, and we couldn’t have been happier with Jake.

He has been simply wonderful; and by that I mean that he is the kind of person who genuinely cares and has kept that care for people alive in himself. It shows in every interaction he has had with us over the past 4 y

ears. He is not only kind, calm, approachable, but he is perfectly professional. We know that he is going to be there through every step, and that he is going to keep a sharp eye on the details to ensure it goes as well as it could.

A few years ago, we were sold a home with a fraudulent disclosure and extensive hiding of serious problems. We had used a different mortgage company, now out of business. Without going into too much detail, the home was toxic to health, and virtually unrepairable, and the neighbor/seller a disaster who a convicted felon alleged had tried to hire him to knock me off the ‘ol mortal coil. It was a saga, and a crucible of pain to be going through after just buying our first home and welcoming our first children into the world.

Through this process, Jake put in extensive hours trying to help us get out of that house and into another, and he didn’t get a penny for it. And now, 4 years later, he is helping us to get the exemption we need after foreclosure, to move into our own new home.
We know there are no guarantees, but we know with 100% confidence he’s going to do his very utmost to see it happen. I know he’s going to bring his best to each part of the process, not just securing the loan, but finding us the best terms, and following through AFTER that when he could move on to secure a new one, ensuring nothing is snuck into the terms, or left out. That kind of thing happens all the time, we know from experience, and you need someone in your corner who not only is at the top of their professions skillset, but has the heart to put it to work to help you.

Look, I am more of a critical reviewer than a gushing one, and this is easily the most gushing review I have ever written. But to me, damn well deserved. It is insufficient to describe the level of professionalism and care Jake Planton has shown us. I give him a 10 out of 10.There is a reason they have continued to prosper despite the recession and housing market – their heart is where it should be.

Davey and Elowyn
I have worked with a number of mortgage brokers, and there is no comparison to Jake’s level of service. Jake works incredibly hard, is super-friendly, trustworthy, …and is Platonically available by text, email, or phone. We had to make an offer hours after a home was listed – a home well above our prior pre-approval price. Jake was at the grocery store and I reached him by text. My realtor had the approval letter in her inbox in 35 minutes.
If you’re looking for a client-centered broker who can turn on a dime (and with this crazy spring market in Portland, you are), Jake’s your guy.
-John Paul and Sylvia