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What happens to loans if a government shutdown occurs?

Friends and Colleagues- There has been some questions regarding the effect IF the government shut down happens over the weekend, so I wanted to address some of the concerns as it would relate to the real estate and mortgage industry. There *could* be some possible delays to loan closings. First off, this is not the first time a government shutdown has been imminent. We as Americans have seen a gov shutdown twice since 2010 and in the past, in regards to buying or refinancing a home, it mainly effected those loans needing the following- •FHA Case #’s •VA Case #’s •Case # assignments FHA or VA •Tax Transcripts (although with the big changes made recently to requiring these this is less important) •SSA verifications. I cannot speak to what/if might happen if this latest possible government shutdown does occur, but again those 5 items were the primary areas of the mortgage industry affected the last 2 times that a shutdown occurred under the Obama administration. What does it mean if a government shutdown were to occur: Government staff who work for say the TSA or the FBI remain working, as they are “essential”, while gov staff who work in the offices that handle social security or tax verifications, are considered “non-essential.” This is why the mortgage and real estate industry *could* see some delays in closing times should a shutdown occur. My company and I will continue to work as usual. All loans in process, and any loans that could potentially be affected by the above will be worked on as much as possible. Since this is out of our control we will simply do our best and keep our partners and our clients informed. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Hope this helps!

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