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What makes a great mortgage loan originator?

A great mortgage loan originator, or mortgage broker, is not a commodity.

You can work with 10 different loan originators, and your experience will be different with each one. The top originators are the best for a reason.

Because they rose to the top, they have sway with lenders, account executives, and underwriters. They can move mountains.

Here is what they have that others won't:

DEEP knowledge.

About the numbers, the process, the products, lender's internal procedures, the market, and much more.

Exceptional Customer Service.

They prioritize needs and customize advice. They're almost ALWAYS available and responsive.

Strong Communication Skills.

They know exactly what needs to be explained to 'grease the skids.' Making the process as easy, and stress-less as possible. They know how to sell the loan scenario to all the parties that can make it happen.

Attention to detail.

They aren't just paper pushers. They dig in and understand the why behind everything, mostly so they have a story to sell to maximize the loan process.

Make sure you work with the best. One bad loan officer could ruin your experience, and you may not get that dream home.

I like to think I encompass ALL of these qualities. I work my butt off for my clients and referral partners.

CC: @MultifamilyMark on X.


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