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Rate Update

Mortgage rates continue to stay in a very narrow range, which is not a bad thing. The roller coaster ride for rates seem to have subsided a bit. I am telling all of my clients that it is always better to lock right now, because it could go south really fast.

Here is the pricing from March 1st, to today. Red is bad, green is good.

For a little bit of perspective, here is the rate graph from the beginning of the year. Things have stabilized a bit. Rate quote is below.

Here is a pricing scenario:

740+ credit score, 20% down, purchase, conventional loan.

4.5% Rate (4.631% APR)

I always tell people that they can have any rate that they want. I priced this scenario with no extra cost for the rate, and no lender credit. If you wanted to pay about 1% of the loan amount towards a discount in the rate, you'd be looking at 4.375% (4.451% APR).

Each scenario will be different. Please let me know if you'd like me to run a scenario for you!

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