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Mortgage Rate Update

Good morning!

Mortgage rate are staying fairly stable at the moment. Last Friday there was a huge number of jobs created, which usually hurts rates. It did not in this case. They continue to stay in a vary narrow range. You can see that here:

In this case, red is bad, green is good. As you can see, things staying in a very narrow range.

Here is a pricing scenario:

740+ credit score, 20% down, purchase, conventional loan.

4.5% Rate (4.632% APR)

I always tell people that they can have any rate that they want. I priced this scenario with no extra cost for the rate, and no lender credit. If you wanted to pay about 1% of the loan amount towards a discount in the rate, you'd be looking at 4.375% (4.437% APR).

Each scenario will be different. Please let me know if you'd like me to run a scenario for you!

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